With the summer season comes dreams of weekend getaways, summer concerts, shopping sprees and great outdoor dining. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost your arm and leg!  Leave it to the penny pinchers of the Internet to unite and help you find ways to enjoy your summer without breaking the bank.

Livingsocial.com, Groupon.com, Yipit.com
The online coupon has revolutionized the world of online shopping.  Groupon.com and Livingsocial.com offering huge discounts on concerts, restaurants, tastings, tours, and special events by allowing users to purchase coupons online to print for immediate use. Livingsocial.com is currently offering Cirque de Soleil “Zarkana” tickets for $62-a discount of 50 percent! Sign up online for the special deals in your area.

Based on your closet city location, metromix.com offers a calendar filled with local events everyday. Not only does Metromix offer similar online coupons as Livingsocial.com, but it lists free events in your neighborhood or city.

Despite the countless offerings provided by the Internet, you can also turn to some good ol’fashioned summer fun. Enjoy the warm weather and get the family together for a camping trip.  Have the kids leave their cell phones at home to get a taste of the days before the technology overload. If camping is too much of a nature commitment, pack some sandwiches for a picnic in the park.

What are your suggestions?  What works for you?  And how do you spend your months of summer bliss?