Between texting, Facebook, Xbox, and Saturday morning cartoons, it can be hard to pull your kids away from whatever piece of technology they are clutching to. But with a little bit of hard-work and sunshine, you can amp up the quality of your family time during the summer and enjoy the beautiful weather with one another.

* Picnic
Organize a trip to a local park and pack a healthy lunch for everyone. Fruits like strawberries, peaches, and watermelon are at their peak during the summer, so don’t forget to add them to your basket. To find a park near you, utilize the United States National Park Service website (

* Join a summer sports league
YMCAs across the country offer sports leagues during the summer for all ages. There are even programs where you can play alongside your kids. Get everyone involved in a summer league to get active and gain some family team spirit!

* Swimming
Although everyone loves a casual dip in the pool, swimming in natural bodies of water can be an adventure and different than your normal swimming experience. Find a lake, creek, or even better a waterfall, nearby. Make sure to ask about the safeness of swimming before you jump in! For a list of places to swim around the U.S. check out

The summertime is the perfect opportunity to not only enjoy the outdoors, but to get the family together for a fun activity. Utilize this rare time that the kids are off from school for a few months and get them outdoors and moving!