Here are some Smiley Secrets that every great Smiley Member should know.

Read how to create the best quality content—and why it matters


You may wonder what the point of all this is—how can Smiley360 send you products absolutely free in exchange for reviewing and sharing about what you received? The answer is simple: your opinions matter.

When you’re on a Mission to share something with friends and family, you are making a powerful impact on the consumer market. After all, 92% of people trust a friend’s recommendation over any other form of advertising.

Not only are the people in your own network reading and listening to what you have to say, the brands are listening too. Everything you do on a Mission—every review, post, tweet, photo, video and Face2Face conversation—is seen by the brand that provided you with a free product. Brands really want to know what you have to say about their products, and they intently read, view and learn from every piece of content you create on a Mission.

Ten Secrets Every Smiley Member Should Know

A top Smiley member is someone who puts effort into the quality of content they create. To share content that’s helpful to both consumers and brands, and ensure you will continue to receive more Smiley Missions, check out our top tips for making the most of your Missions:

Be Honest


Take the time to share thoughtful, honest and authentic reviews about the products you receive from Smiley360. If you loved a product, shout it from the rooftops! If you didn’t love a product, say so—just be constructive with your feedback and talk about how the brand could make changes to improve.

Be Detailed


Always write a detailed account of your experience. Try to share a review that says more than just “I love it!” or “This is great”—vague reviews are not helpful to other consumers wanting to learn about your experience. Ask yourself questions like these and you’ll never be stuck on what to say:

  • What did you like and dislike?
  • Which flavors/varieties/scents did you enjoy the most? And the least?
  • What flavors/varieties/scents should be made next?
  • What do others need to know before buying this product?
  • What benefits, if any, has it brought to your life?

Be Transparent


For every action you take on a Mission, you should always make it known that you have received a free product or brand experience. When you use the Smiley360 Sharing Tools, we’ll take care of this for you. But when sharing your opinions on other places, such as in a blog post, video or an in-person conversation, make sure that every person knows you have received something for free. You can read more about this by clicking on ‘Disclosure’ at the bottom of any page on

Be Mindful Of Your Audience


Remember that when you share using the Sharing Tools on your Mission Page, your content can be seen by Smiley360, the brand, your friends, other Smiley members and other consumers too. Don’t let that hold you back—this should inspire you to share content with quality and substance.

Be Visual


Create photos and videos on your Missions. A picture paints a thousand words, and photos and videos are a great way to share about what you received. Just don’t submit photos or videos that are not relevant to the Mission and don’t submit content that you did not create yourself.

Shout-Out To The Brand


If you mention the brand in your reviews, photos, videos and posts, you have a chance of being featured by the brand in their advertising, social media channels and more. However, please don’t mention or show other brands in your content, such as a brand’s competitor. Try to talk about and show just one brand when you post.

Earn Those Points


Earn all the points you can on each and every Smiley Mission you accept. When you earn points, you’re showing us that you’re a good sharer and you will continue to be offered Missions! But don’t share just to get the points. Occasionally, we will see someone typing gibberish or copying text from somewhere else into the Sharing Tools. Smiley Community Managers reading your posts will flag anyone who is clearly trying to game the system—and sadly, this does happen!

Be Social


Connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles to Smiley360. Being connected will move you to the top of the line when it comes to sending out offers for new Missions. Just make sure it’s a real social media account with real friends and followers. Fake social media accounts get flagged, which affects the number of offers you receive.

Stay Up-To-Date


Keep your Smiley account up to date by completing your profile, taking surveys and completing your Missions. That way, you’ll always get the offers that are the right fit for you. And when you’re on a Mission, look out for emails from Smiley360 with the latest need-to-know updates.

We’re Here To Help


Ask for help if you need it. We’re always an email away at!

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