Traditional Thanksgiving

non-traditional festivitiesTraditional Thanksgivings are often what you see on TV a lot and read about in books. I am left pondering, how many families really have a Traditional Thanksgiving every year? To most families, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is one that includes the extended family, getting together and sharing a large and filling meal. Most of these dinners consist of an appetizer, turkey or ham (or both!) stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce and my favorite, mashed potatoes. Many families also have yams or sweet potatoes with their smorgasbords Many of the dishes are ones that were discussed in our history books is being foods they were eating at the first Thanksgiving.

However, many families have driven away from the real meaning behind Thanksgiving. Instead of spending time with loved ones being filled with thanks for the blessings bestowed upon them, sadly, many just spend the time watching TV and filled with apathy. In my own life, I can recall so many Holidays, where (mostly) the men, would get lost in watching the football game instead of spending time with family and friends.

Non-Traditional Festivities

thanksgivingNon-traditional festivities vary a lot from traditional Thanksgiving in the sense that it is more about the individual and not the family as seen in a more traditional setting. The reason for this is because it often does not include extended families, or many of the fixing succumb with traditional Thanksgiving dinners. Many nontraditional festivities include: going to the movies, going out to eat at a restaurant and making small non-traditional meals that do not include Turkey, corn, potatoes, or the like.

My question is this: Should people be getting back into traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Is it really that important? Personally, I believe that traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a very important because Thanksgiving is a big piece of American history and something that people are forgetting the meaning of, in our busy schedules and technology filled lives. It is a great opportunity to stop and realized how lucky and blessed we are. Even from a historic standpoint, it was a huge turning point in our country’s past that we don’t want to forget.

Ashley Pomykala, Author/Blogger for Parsimonious Pash

She is a young disabled woman in her mid twenties who has a busy life between working part time, going to school full time, interning part time for school, and blogging. She some how manages to balance all of it and still take time to spend with her boyfriend and 2 cats, Gonzo and Deimos, and her dog, Kratos.