So, you’ve qualified for a new Smiley Mission.


You know the drill. You share your excitement about getting a new Mission on social media, and wait anxiously for your newest kit to arrive at your doorstep.

Any dedicated Smiley member can identify all too well with these feelings after receiving the news they’re getting a new kit:

Oh, the Suspense!

They say curiosity is what killed the cat, but we know that wondering what Mission you’ll get next can be exciting! With so many great Missions that we have about to launch, we know that no matter what you qualify for – you’re bound to get something great on your next Mission.

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Waiting is The Hardest Part

We know, we know. Waiting for your Smiley Kit to get to your door can be hard. But it’s always worth it in the end! In the meantime, check out our post about what to do while you wait for your Smiley Kit to get to you for some ideas on how to pass the time. Don’t get too impatient! Kits usually take from 2-4 weeks to reach our members.

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The Excitement

It’s arrived! Finally your kit is safely in your hands! Which leads us to the next stage…

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We know how this goes. You just can’t open your kit fast enough. You see that orange and blue paper and you push it out of the way to reveal the product you’ve anxiously waited for. And it’s everything you hoped for and more!

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You Want to Shout From the Rooftops!

You’ve opened your kit, you’ve tested it out – now you’re ready to review. You can’t wait to tell everyone you know the good, the bad, and the ugly – whatever you thought – about your latest Mission. And that’s what we at Smiley360 are all about! Honest feedback from our influential members. Get sharing! It’s what you do best!

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No matter what Mission you’re on…go ahead, get emotional. We won’t tell.


What are some emotions you go through when you get a Mission? Tell us in the comments!