Smiley360 Membership Guide: The Face2Face Tool

Edited by Angelica on 7/27/18

Welcome back, Smiley Genius! Last week, we touched base on the basics, and discussed using Facebook and Twitter when talking about your Smiley Missions. Catch up on those lessons here!

Today, you’ll get to know the third Sharing Tool—Face2Face—and learn how to use it to report back on real life conversations you had about a brand.

A Little More Conversation

Even with advanced communication tools now at our disposal—email, social media and the latest and greatest apps—nothing beats a real life conversation with a family member, friend, coworker, or even a stranger (like an elephant!).

Did you know that 92% of people trust a friend’s recommendation over advertising, including billboards, television and online ads?

We often chat with people about the brands we love, a TV show we’ve watched and products we’ve tried, and that’s why the Face2Face tool exists. On a Smiley Mission, you can use the Face2Face tool to report conversations you have about a brand on your Mission—and you’ll earn points for every person you talk to.


Did you tell a group of friends about your latest Mission? Did you involve your partner in testing out a product? Did a family member come to you looking for advice about what brand to buy? These are all natural interactions to talk about a product, for which you can report using the Face2Face tool.

Out and About


One of the things we were amazed to learn was how many Smiley members see someone in a grocery store deliberating over which brand of a product to buy. We love to hear reports from the Face2Face tool of members offering up their recommendation to strangers in the aisles of a store.

We all know that sales pitches are most often not welcome. However, sharing your own personal experience about a product you’ve tried with someone who’s looking for a recommendation is a natural time to bring up your Mission.

That’s about it for the Face2Face tool. Let us know how you use it in the comments below.

Our next lesson for this week is all about the Sharing Tool members ask us about the most—Share A Link! Access the Share A Link Lesson here!

Thanks for reading! Leave your questions in the comments below. We’re here to help!

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37 thoughts on “Smiley360 Membership Guide: The Face2Face Tool

  1. Never really realized how much input we do have …. I never even considered the countless ways we influence others in a store even. I’ll be certain to take note from now on … and pass it on.

  2. This is kind of funny because I’m usually the one to approach a person in the store and start talking about the products that I have tried 🙂 Thanks for the great samples!

  3. i love the whole concept of Smiley, but have yet to receive any samples, i must not be doing something right.

  4. This will be easy, I have friends and I love to talk. Talking about Smiley360 will just be one more thing to t.alk about

  5. When you try out a new product that you love, it’s easy to want to tell everyone you know! My husband and I can’t stop talking about our mission at Sleep Number- it was that amazing!

  6. i hope I get products soon.I really love the items my Daughter gets.I love to tell people about great products.

  7. I absolutely loved this mission!!! I think everyone should sleep on a Sleep Number bed for one night to appreciate all the technology they’ve put into this mattress it’s incredible..♡

  8. My mission for this got lost I answered the questions and was qualified for the mission. When I went back to my dashboard, I seen the mission there. Right before I clicked on accept the mission, I was pulled away from being able accept the mission because of my 4 year old. I did not think it would be a big deal to walk away for a bit and come back. However, a few days later when I finally got the opportunity again to continue, it was no longer on my Dashboard. Every time I login I try to look for it but its still gone. Makes me sad because I was really looking forward to what this mission offered because I have Multiple Sclerosis and I’m always trying out new pillows and researching different mattresses. Getting a goodnight sleep defiantly means I will be able to function better the next morning. Any suggestions as to what went wrong? I’m a few months new to Smiley360 and would love to figure out what happened so I can make sure it doesn’t happen again. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  9. Jacquelyn1981  The missions only stay on your dashboard while they are still accepting member. Once the mission is full, it will disappear from the dashboard of anyone who has not accepted it yet. Try to do the qualifying survey and accept the mission right away to avoid losing the opportunity in the future.

  10. I love the whole idea of smiley ! I just joined and have been telling all my friends about it , I really enjoy reading everyone’s feed back on everything.

  11. I love smiley360 I just joined and have been working on my introduction mission but I’ve also been reading everybody’s blogs and comments and I can already tell you that I’m grateful to be apart of such a wonderful site it’s so helpful thank you smiley360

  12. I just recently joined & before I had even finished reading the instruction on my intro mission I was already being offer another mission. I did the survey & accepted the new mission. Its for Infant Advil Drops & Advil is also doing a teething pain reliever promotion which works out amazingly since I have a teething toddler in my house. I am so excited & cant wait for my Smiley Kit to get here. I just keep reading all the info & helpful tips as I work my intro mission. All of this will guarantee Im prepared to do a great job for the Advil mission. Plus I LOVE FREE STUFF!! Thanks!!

  13. I think Smiley360 is the BEST thing ever!! We get to try the products and give honest feedback. For me, it has sure helped me decide what to buy and not buy. Just by reading what other members have shared 🙂

  14. I think smiley360 is awesome thing ever!!  I get to sample new stuff and give feedback to people..I love the thing.. thanks smile360

  15. I have recently started getting more active in product reviews and being a brand ambassador! I really appreciate your blogs and look forward to mastering sharing what I have learned with the rest of you as well.

  16. I recently got back on my smiley 360 and getting ready to do a mission for Nexium 24hr. Tablets. I think this is actually my 1st one to do. Been a member since 2015. I hope I do this all right. Any others out there 1st timers on their 1st mission? Anybody have any tips for me?

  17. Fallgirl62 I just finished my product test for Nexium. First one ever but my review points havent been added. I dont know what I’m doing. UGHHHHHH

  18. @Tilidonna Your not alone, because I don’t know what I’m doing either, lol. I can’t figure out how to use the Pinterest tool on the dashboard. Have you figured that one out? This was really my first mission too. Your points should be adding up, mine did. Did you refresh your page and recheck your points, maybe they would show then?

  19. On the Face2Face tool I completed my information about people I spoke with etc…Today its no longer there and I dont see any points added for it? Did I do something wrong ? How do I know if it was received by the Smiley Team?

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