From granola bars to cereal to yogurt and more, products advertising fiber content seem to be filling our grocery store shelves. The benefits of fiber are gracing our magazine covers and being covered by our news stations. We hear it constantly how crucial fiber is to our diet. But what exactly is this so called diet miracle worker, aka fiber? What role does it play in our body? Here’s the Smiley 411:

Fiber (or fibre) is a special type of carbohydrate found predominately in the outer layer of plants that is virtually indigestible in the body. There are two different types: insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber is used to clean out the colon and regulate bowel movements. Soluble fiber comes from foods like beans and fruits and creates a gel used to protect against harmful substances.

The role of fiber bares influence on the digestion course from beginning to end. Because fiber has to be chewed more thoroughly, the eating process itself is slowed, contributing to one feeling fuller more quickly. This, along with its role in aiding metabolism, has proven to support healthy progression in weight loss, protect one against Diabetes, help to control blood sugar and reduce cholesterol.

When adding fiber to your diet, there are a couple ways you can go. One option is to eat your way fiber fresh by increasing your intake through more whole and natural foods such as fruits, veggies, brown rice, and legumes. Another way is through an external source such as FiberChoice® Fruity Bites, a new, chewable fiber supplement, containing a unique natural fiber that boosts the immune system and nurtures digestive health. This month we have sent Smiley members on a mission to try out these healthy treats (but remember, they’re not candy!). Check out the SmileyConnect page to see what our members’ thoughts are on this fun fiber find!

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