The following may come as a huge surprise: Every year people make New Year’s resolutions, with the intention of bettering themselves in the course of the new year. And the majority of people that follow this tradition do not actually follow through with them! Imagine if only our troubles could last as long as our resolutions.

Maybe the resolutions we set for ourselves are just not interesting enough to follow through with or maybe they’re typical ones that don’t have any personal obligations attached to them. Try the following instead:

1. Forget changing silly habits. Your imperfections make you interesting, believe it or not.

2. Laugh out loud! We all know laughing comes with health benefits. So every now and then make it a point to let your laughter loose.

3.Realize you have multiple intelligences…and use them. Google the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and see where you fall into. Just the realization of it can benefit you personally and career wise.

4. Minimize your “connections” to the world. We live in an increasingly connected world, but do you really need five email addresses, a Facebook/MySpace/IM, cell-phone, etc. all on at the same time? A few years back, none of this was necessary.

5. Forget your waistline, watch the way you think instead. Your thinking has a lot to do with what you manifest into your life. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, stop thinking negatively about yourself. Embracing positivity is the first step to achieving a goal such as weight loss or image.

6. Return to the days of a piggy bank. No need to lecture about the after effects of the recession. Just realize that all those nickels and quarters between the creases of your couch, coat pockets and handbags definitely add up.

7. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do what you should have done a while ago. There is no better time to do something than the minute you thought of it. This should hint into why most of your other resolutions never got implemented.

8. Break up with your deadbeat boyfriend/girlfriend. And while we’re on the subject, slip away from friends who haven’t acted according to their roles. Our parents and grandparents always say to seize the day and realize that life is short. There is no need to waste time keeping people around who aren’t truly making you happy, for the mere sake of companionship.

10. Forget double-standards. The genders are fusing anyway; soon you won’t even be able to tell who’s a girl and guy off first glance. So in thinking about careers or careers switches, girls, if you want to be a CEO, do it and guys if you want to be a Kindergarten teacher, do it.

11. Read one book per month that has nothing to do with your studies or career. Sadly most people only read what’s required of them in some way or just enough to keep them aware of world happenings. But there are authors writing tirelessly out there, waiting to enlighten or entertain you. Open up a subject that randomly crossed your mind or give the iPod a rest and read some short stories when you’re on the train.

12. Swim against the tide. Just do what you have to do for yourself, set realistic goals and make things happen! 2011 is your year.