Some say summertime is the happiest time of year. You get to take off those coats and close up the spring time umbrellas and trade your sneakers for flip flops. Your thoughts becomes youthful and random and your light-hearted mood easily spreads with the rays beaming from the sky. I feel that summer is all about randomness. Even if you work a few hours a week or more hours than all your friends combined, you should give yourself a little time for spontaneity.

Here’s a few quirky summer facts to stir up some sporadic thoughts:

* Did you know that kangaroos lick their forearms to keep cool? Temperatures are expected to be pretty high this time around. But keeping cool may have to become a little more fun than staying put in an air conditioned room. Biking or a picnicking by the lake maybe?

* So apparently watermelon is actually a vegetable composed of 92% water. Talk about hydration! Chop some up with mangoes, pineapples, cantaloupes and you’ll have a great snack to keep you refreshed.

* The first Popsicle was created completely by accident by a young boy named Frank in the early 1900’s. He accidentally left a mixture of powdered soda and water, with a stirring stick, on his porch. He woke up to a frozen pop the next day! Do you have any crazy recipes for summer snacks?

* If you count the number of cricket chirps in 15 seconds and add 37, you’ll get the air temperature in Fahrenheit. All that math might distract you from the heat. To counterbalance that, think of the fact that there’s over 100,000 seconds of possible fun time over the weekends.

* Speaking of heat, the hottest day ever recorded in history was September 13th, 1922 in Libya. It hit 136 degrees! Scorching? Sizzling? Then again, those are words we use to describe our measly 90 degree days.

* The average American eats around 5 1/2 gallons of ice cream a year. This is more than any other nationality. I’m pretty sure we accomplish that year scale in the three summer months alone. Ah well, indulge!