Congrats! You’re on a Smiley Mission! Whether this is your first Mission, or you’re a seasoned Smiley professional, getting a new Mission always has a thrill!

Wondering what your Mission will entail? Here’s what to expect during the ten weeks of your Smiley Mission:

Week One: Mission Accepted

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Congrats, you’ve accepted a new Mission! This is the time for you to sit back, relax and get ready for your Smiley kit to get to your doorstep.

Week Two: Track Your Shipment

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Your Smiley kit is on its way! Woohoo! Try to be patient…your kit will reach you soon enough.

Week Three: Share With Friends


Start sharing excitement and any online coupons with friends! This is a perfect way to pass the time while you wait for your kit to reach you.

Week Four: Enjoy Opening Your Kit

Look what I got for free thanks to smiley360! @mysmiley #smiley360

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Your kit is here! Time to enjoy opening it. If you need some pointers on how to open your Smiley kit, click here.

Week Five: Share On Smiley Connect


What are your initial thoughts on the product you just received? Formulate your opinions and share what you’re thinking so far on Smiley Connect. We want to know!

Week Six: Use The Face2Face Tool


Talk about the product with friends and family!  Scream from the hilltops; tell strangers. Get the word out any way you can, then share your story using the Face2Face Sharing Tool.

Week Seven: Take Photos

Take photos to share! We share some of the best ones on our Instagram. Maybe we’ll feature you soon!

Week Eight: Share A Retail Review

By now, you’ve formed your in-depth opinion. Share it on Smiley Connect and write a Retail Review!

Week Nine: Earn Your Badge

Retail Review

Any last thoughts on your Mission? Speak now or forever hold your peace! But before you wrap up your Mission, make sure you’ve earned your badge.

Week Ten: Take The Final Survey


Mission accomplished! Now it’s time to take the final survey. And there you have it! You’ve accomplished a Smiley Mission. Give yourself a big pat on the back — you’ve earned it.


What advice do you have for new Smiley members?