While summer in Hollywood is often dominated by big-budget superhero blockbusters, the past few weeks have also brought us a fair share of comedy films. Despite only being projected in boring old 2-D, these movies provide solid laughs and are $4 cheaper than your typical overpriced IMAX 3-D EXPERIENCE. I’d highly recommend checking out these three hilarious hits: Crazy Stupid Love, Friends With Benefits, and Horrible Bosses.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

If you liked Steve Carell as Andy in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, chances are you’ll also be drawn to Cal Weaver, his similarly aloof and somewhat sexually oblivious character in Crazy, Stupid, Love. After Cal’s wife (Julianne Moore) admits to cheating on him, ladies’ man Jacob (a smooth-talking Ryan Gosling), takes Cal under his wing and teaches him to get back in the game. This primarily involves chucking his New Balance sneakers over a balcony, purchasing an entirely new wardrobe, and spending a lot of money on drinks for women at the local bar scene. At the same time, Jacob stops flirting long enough to take a genuine interest in a young woman named Hannah (Emma Stone), while Cal’s son is in love with his babysitter, who is in love with Cal… further complicating the situation and ultimately resulting in a hilarious disaster of a scene involving four very angry men and a broken mini golf windmill.

Friends With Benefits

As the title suggests, this romantic comedy, which takes place in NYC, explores the age-old question of whether or not any two people can truly be nothing more than “friends with benefits.” Justin Timberlake plays Dylan, a GQ art designer with a broken heart, While Mila Kunis plays Jamie, a job recruiter… also with a broken heart. The two grow attracted to each other, but – both still feeling emotionally wounded – they agree to engage in a sexual relationship while still remaining just friends. This involves setting a number of complicated ground rules that predictably, but still amusingly, fall apart. Keep an eye out for the movie-within-the-movie starring Jason Siegel using a ton of embarrassingly funny rom-com clichés, while Dylan and Jamie watch in disgust and remark on how cheesy some movies can be.

Horrible Bosses

Featuring an ensemble cast, this dark comedy stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day as three friends who’ve just about had it with their employers: Kevin Spacey is a deranged, power-hungry misanthropist, Colin Farrell is a drug addict who is on the path to destroying his whole company, and Jennifer Aniston is a blackmailer bent on ruining a faithful marriage. Although they’re just a couple regular guys, the three friends decide to exterminate each other’s bosses so they can live happily ever after. Obviously, they’re way in over their head and know absolutely nothing on how to execute a murder, even with the help of a mostly useless “murder consultant” played by Jamie Foxx. Horrible Bosses is a hilarious, over-the-top comedy about the extreme lengths people will go to get revenge on their coworkers.