Since we spend so much time gushing over our members’ awesome photos, we’ve decided to share a few secrets so that everyone can be a social media star.

Thanks to today’s handy mobile devices, we all can take quality photos in a flash!

Here at Smiley360, we love to see the shots our members share while enjoying their Kits. We even feature our favorite member photos on our own Instagram and Twitter accounts!

Since we spend so much time gushing over our members’ awesome photos, we’ve decided to share a few secrets so that everyone can be a social media star. Check out these 13 quick tips to polish your photography skills.

1. Keep It Simple

When do you find time to scroll through your social media newsfeed? With our smartphone in hand, most of us check out photos while commuting, relaxing, or waiting in line at the shop.

Keep in mind that your audience often views your photos on a small screen. To avoid a cluttered photograph, go for a simplistic approach and bare background for a crisp, professional result.

2. Activate Grid Lines

On your smartphone, activate grid lines under ‘Photo & Camera Settings’. Grid lines help balance your photo using the Rule of Thirds: a photo should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Consider the 9 divided areas within your photo, and how those fit together. Generally, the subject of your shot will be centered between these grid lines.


3. Focus

Tapping on the subject of your photo on your smartphone’s screen adjusts the lighting while focusing in on the subject for a sharper shot.

4. Perspective

Photographing your subject from a unique angle creates a more interesting visual for your viewers, while bringing their attention to the subject of your shot.

  • Tip! Try a Bird’s Eye shot when photographing products, Smiley Kits, or food
  • Tip! Shooting from a lower angle is a great way to keep unwanted distractions out of your photo
  • Tip! Move yourself, not just your camera! Sometimes the perfect shot simply comes from a new angle

5. Natural Line

For an artistic approach, try including a line that leads from the foreground to the background of your photo to help create depth.

6. Symmetry

An image that can be divided into two equal parts is more visually pleasing, so try to center your subject directly in the middle of your photograph. Remember, grid lines serve as a great aid for creating symmetry!


7. Layout

Creating an organized, colorful layout for your shot not only helps the subjects of your photo stand out, but your results will have you looking (and feeling!) like a true professional.

Photo Credit: Smiley360 Member Whitney

8. Avoid Zooming

Zooming can cause your photo to come out grainy. Instead of opting for your camera’s zoom, try getting closer to the subject of your photo to better capture its detail.

9. Use Natural Light

Whenever possible, use natural light instead of your flash. A flash can make photos look over-exposed, or capture an unwanted glare. If you do need to use a flash, consider:

  • Can a different angle get rid of the glare?
  • If I move closer to my subject, will it get rid of the glare?
  • If I move my subject away from the wall, will it get rid of the shadows?

10. Include Negative Space

Negative Space is the blank or open area around your subject. Including negative space is an easy way to make your subject stand out!

11. Get Creative

Unique ideas are always more exciting. Don’t be afraid to try something different—use your creativity to create a memorable photo your friends and followers will love!

12. Edit

Spending an extra 30 seconds editing your photo can make a world of difference. Don’t know where to start? Try:

  • Increasing exposure to make the photo brighter, so that you can see all the details of the subject
  • Sharpening the image to make it stand out from the negative space
  • To enhance your photo, try brightening, increasing contrast, and increasing saturation. Just be careful not to overdo it—you don’t want your photograph to look over edited

13. Try out our Favorite Photo-Editing Apps:


What are your top tips for taking a great photo? Share in the comments below, or better yet—show us your skills on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We can’t wait to see what you post next!