Summertime calls for weekend getaways, day trips and as many vacations we can get! Although going away is a time to relax and de-stress, over indulging can ruin that “post-vacation glow”. The Smiley team has come up with a few tips for staying healthy on vacation, so you can live your best life and still return home feeling rejuvenated.

Drink Lots of Water!

Drinking water is a simple task that can easily be forgotten. Always make sure you stay hydrated while on vacation, especially when hanging out in the sun or being active. We suggest bringing a reusable water bottle with you. Don’t have one? You can make a fun family activity out of decorating water bottles the weekend before the big trip! Check out these fun reusable water bottle designs

Hotel Grocery Shopping

Eating out every day while on vacation is not your healthiest option and can start to get expensive. Our recommendation is to simply stock up on “no-cook” groceries. Fruit, instant oatmeal (use the coffee maker for hot water), yogurt, and cereal are all great options for breakfast. Pick up salads or sandwiches for lunch. A healthy, no-cook meal for dinner can include a salad, sandwich, or rotisserie chicken. Check out these easy no-cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

Walking Tours

Almost every travel destination has some kind of walking tour for you to take part in. Walking tours are a great opportunity to learn about your destination, meet locals and get those steps in. Not to mention, most of them are under $10 or FREE!


It’s always fun to indulge in the local food, as long as you balance it out with some light and healthy options as well. We suggest sticking to the 80/20 rule (a clean diet 80% of the time and then allow for a few “fun foods” 20% of the time). Each day probably won’t be completely balanced; nobody’s perfect! A great way to manage indulging is to share with your travel companions and always take home leftovers (another potential no-cook meal too)!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

The key to not letting a free-for-all vacation ruin your routine is to always forgive yourself and move on. Enjoy the wine and french fries, but once you’re back home, revisit your normal routine right away and don’t put it off. Setting goals AND rewards for yourself is always a great way to implement a better lifestyle.


We hope these tips are helpful and make your vacation that much more relaxing. Enjoy your travels and stay healthy!

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