The stress of living in today’s modern world is making our hair go gray sooner. People have a tendency to over-complicate life, but there are several things you can be doing right now to simplify it. Apart from the obvious things you should be doing anyway, (get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, and don’t smoke), here are five tips to avoid early gray hairs and reduce stress:


Laughing releases endorphins and reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body. Keep the company of funny people in your life. Watch some comedy YouTube videos such as this one.

If you still need more laughter in your life, you can try a health craze from India— Laughter Yoga. Laughter clubs all around the world exercise the body and soul with a combination of hysterical laughter and traditional yoga practices. Laughter Yoga enthusiasts swear by the technique that helps them cope with stress and save them from depression.


Are you a tech addict? If you spend all day every day in front of a computer screen, you should consider enrolling in Technoholics Anonymous (if that doesn’t exist then maybe it should). Computers are essential in our daily lives—especially if you’re a Smiley360 member— but technology shouldn’t get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle or cultivating relationships with loved ones.

I advise that once a week you undergo a Digital Detox—spend a few hours away from you laptop, tablet and smartphone. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

If you need some help, Coffee Break for Mac will remind you to take a break from your computer by darkening your screen at scheduled times.

Make your own stress ball

Fill a plastic bottle with a half-cup of flour. Take a small round balloon and fit it around the top of the open plastic bottle. Turn the bottle upside-down and fill the balloon with flour and air until the balloon is about 5 inches in diameter. Remove the balloon, tie it tight and decorate the ball how you wish.

Now squeeze your stress ball to relieve all your physical and emotional tension!

Live frugally

Living frugally means saving money, and money problems are a big source of stress for most people. Here are several things you can do now to lead a more frugal life:

•Own only one car
•If you can, commute by bike
•Look for used goods first on and
•Sell your clutter on eBay
•Bring your lunch to work
•Borrow books instead of buying them. You can even borrow Kindle books using an online service called lendle.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Why worry? It’s the most unproductive, unhelpful thing you can do in a problem situation. If you find yourself worrying, just stop and listen to this.

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