Creativity is important in all aspects of life, whether it’s play time or crunch time. Smiley360 and the brands behind the Missions love to see creative, quirky and innovative posts showcasing your lovely talents. Here are our top tips to increase your creativity when it comes to Mission sharing!

If you are thinking that you are not creative and never will be, know that you are not alone. Even we need to work on their creativity from time to time. This blog was originally titled Creativity 101, how uncreative is that! 

Think Outside The Box!

  • Our members love showing us whats inside their boxes. We also love the way they’re packed.. however, we are the ones who pack them, so we know what they look like.
  • We would much rather see how you use the products, where you use the products and what you think of them!
  • Posting products in use shows how effective or ineffective the product is.
Photo posted by Sarah C from Florida

Real Life Product Use

  • If you want to stray away from the typical Smiley kit photograph, but don’t know where to position your product.. don’t overthink it!
  • Brands love seeing how and where consumers (like you!) use their products.
  • So snap a picture when you’re using your product and simply upload it!
Photo posted by Heather V from Virginia

Include The Youngest Smiley Members… Your Children!  

  • Children are perfect models to show off sweet Missions!
  • Some Missions require children to test out the product.
  • Incorporating Smiley kids puts smiles on everyone who sees the posts, not just us!
Photo posted by Stacy TC from California
Photo posted by Stacy TC from California

Make A Collage

  • Share your whole experience with a product by photographing every step along the way!
  • Collages are great for showing before and after shots.
  • Combine all photos using apps like Pic Stitch (iPhone/Android) or Layout (iPhone/Android).
Photo posted by Veronica J from Florida

Make It A Video

  • Do you feel restricted to a still image or is a collage is not enough.. take it a step further and make a video!
  • Videos are a great way to show products being used, just take a look below.

Do you have any tips for being creative? Share them in the comments below!