Come to the #ToxinFreeGenTwitter party on 5/21 at 1pm ET! Click for more details & prize info.

Click the button below to tweet your RSVP, and one person will win the first prize of the party!

Anyone can join in, so share this blog post with your friends on Facebook too!

It’s party time! Come to the #ToxinFreeGen Twitter party on Tuesday, May 21st at 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT! We’re going eco-friendly and chatting about choosing natural ingredient products for ourselves and our families. Come party with us and meet other Smiley members!


We’re giving away some great prizes! Join the party and you can win one of ten Seventh Generation™ product packs, each containing 8 different product samples! Seventh Generation™ products use natural fragrances derived from 100% essential oils and botanical extracts. Seventh Generation™ also offers solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

Party Details

  • Date and Time: Tuesday, May 21st at 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Hosted by @Smiley360 (you must be following us to win prizes!)
  • Moderated by Smiley360 Community team members @Donal_IRL @nattyp415 @ignaciomorenow
  • Hashtag: Take part by using #ToxinFreeGen in all your tweets!
  • Sponsored by Seventh Generation™ – Follow @SeventhGen on Twitter!

How To Follow The Party

Listen up! It looks like our old Twitter party favorites Tweetgrid and Tweetchat are having some issues, and they will stop working altogether in the coming weeks 🙁 We’ve created a custom Tweetgrid as usual, but you may not see all tweets during the party.

We recommend trying OneQube’s SmartStream to make the most of your Twitter party experience. We’ve posted a step-by-step guide below on how to use it.

Remember, you don’t HAVE to use this tool. We think it’s a neat way to follow and participate in a Twitter party but if it’s not for you, you can stick to following the party on! Got questions? Now is the time to ask. Make sure you’re all set up before the party starts so you’re ready to go!

Using SmartStream

There are 5 quick steps to joining the party using the SmartStream.

  1. Visit and select “Register with Twitter”
  2. Authorize oneQube to use your account. Don’t worry, it’s safe. This just allows you to tweet through their software. 
  3. Fill out the form and click “Get Started”. You can write “Smiley360” in the company field. 
  4. And you’re in! Note that you only need to register once. The next time you come back, select “Login” at Step 1.
  5. Type the party hashtag (for example #ToxinFreeGen) into the hashtag box and click “Set Hashtag”) Wait a few seconds for the tweets to display. Important: do not forget the ‘#’ symbol!

Once you’re in, you can party until you drop right all from your SmartStream. 

  1. Write your tweets in the tweet box and click tweet. The hashtag is conveniently pre-loaded into the tweet so you don’t have to type it every time. Pro tip: you can click & drag this box to wherever you want on the screen. Try putting it at the top!
  2. When this blue box appears, click it to see the newest tweets. This handy feature means you don’t have to miss a single tweet! 
  3. This is what a tweet looks like. You can Reply and Retweet as normal. 
  4. When you see @Smiley360 tweet the party question, it’s time to answer it! Remember, you don’t need to hit “Reply” when answering a question from us. As long as you have the party hashtag, we’ll see your tweet. It’s a great way to save characters! Please also label your answers with A1, A2, A3, etc.

Don’t know what a Twitter party is? It’s a virtual get-together of Smiley members on Twitter! Our members always ask us about ways to meet each other – and now you can!

Do you have any questions? Ask us on Twitter @Smiley360 or by email to See you at the party!! -The Smiley360 Community Team