sheds light on the most important traits that a successful entrepreneur possesses. With start-ups becoming more attractive to job seekers, it’s important to recruit people who will be of value to your newly built team. Author, Cezary Pietrzak, puts these traits into five key themes that are listed below.

1. They have a history of creating:
People who have a history of creating are most likely to understand the requirements of working at a startup. With this acknowledgement, they are able to treat the company as if it were their own. Candidates should be able to demonstrate their interest in and compatibility with the entrepreneur lifestyle; which ofcourse, is about creating something new and building on it.

2. They are mentally prepared for a big change:
As with any start-up, changes are bound to happen. A lot of trial & error and risks are involved when starting something fresh. And potential job candidates should have a mindset where they are accepting to change and willing to go through a “trial & error” ordeal.

3. They are passionate about your business:
You should see your potential candidates as someone who won’t weigh down the company with their lack of energy and excitement in their job. People who are passionate about the job and your company will have done their share of research and accommate their findings with their experiences.

4. They’re comfortable doing anything:
Working for a start-up, candidates should have a good level of comfort with their abilities to take on any task that is thrown their way. There are many roles to fill in a company but as a smaller start-up, chances are that you’re going to need someone who can handle tasks that 3 or 4 people might normally do in a bigger company.

5. They make things happen:
This is probably one of the most important qualities that an entrepreneur can have. Despite the lack of resources and strict deadlines that start-ups face, candidates should be able to follow-through on the goals they set once they join the company. You should see that they are trying to aid in the advancement of the company’s end goal.

As a co-founder of a company himself, author Cezary Pietrzak, presents valid points with each quality he presents. For a more in-depth look of each, please refer to this link: – How to hire the best employees for your startup.