Update June 2013: Due to changes in how Twitter grants access to its data, Tweetgrid is no more! But don’t fret–check out this great replacement: the OneQube Smartstream. We’ve put together a handy guide here.

If you have never used TweetGrid before, don’t worry because it’s really simple! See below for a handy how-to:

On the TweetGrid, your screen will have three columns:
1. All the tweets using the party #hashtag
2. All tweets from @Smiley360 -the party host who will be asking the questions
3. All tweets by you and to you

First make sure you’re logged in to your Twitter account. Then, when you click on the party link, log in to TweetGrid (you’ll have to authorize the app).

Enter your Twitter username in the box above the third column, then click ‘Search’ to bring up your tweets.

Above all three columns is the box for you to write your tweets, and enter the party #hashtag into the hashtag box.

Too complicated? You can also just search for the party #hashtag on Twitter!