When using the Twitter Sharing Tool to share on your Missions, there are a few things to shoot for, and a few to avoid--check out these top tips to help you become a Smiley all-star and score more Missions!

Tweet tweet! Between tagging, hashtagging, and uploading your best photos and videos, Twitter is a fun, easy, and powerful social media tool.

Twitter allows you to connect with not only your followers, but with your favorite brands, Smiley360, and your fellow consumers. And thanks to websites like tweetdeck.com, you can easily search your Mission’s hashtag to check out (and find inspiration from!) what other members are sharing.

When using the Twitter Sharing Tool to share on your Missions, there are a few things to shoot for, and a few to avoid.

Let’s start by taking a peek at Betty’s* Tweet, which could use some help!

*Note: Betty is a fictional Smiley360 member 🙂


“I got my new Smiley Kit today :)”

Our first thoughts when we see this post: “What is ‘Smiley’, and why did he…she… it send Betty a package?

Next thoughts: “What is that a bottle of? Was it in the package? What’s going on?!

Finally: “Was Betty’s Twitter account hacked?!

Oh Betty… don’t confuse your followers!

So what exactly makes this tweet so confusing for Betty’s followers?

1. We love when members post images and videos as soon as they receive a new Smiley Kit! But to learn about your Mission, the Twitter world wants to see either a clear and creative photograph, or a short video showing off your kit. How do you do that?

  • Be sure to capture the entire product, not just one side of it!
  • A brown mailing package doesn’t make for a pretty picture. To take a great kit photo, trying opening up your box and showing off the colorful paper, Sharing Guide, and product, or take all of the contents out and create a pretty layout!
  • To avoid glare and graininess in your Twitter shots, check out these handy tips for taking quality photos with your smartphone.

2. Since Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, it’s especially important to make every word count when using this Sharing Tool! How can you make it count?

  • Be sure to include important information in your Tweet, such as the word #ad, a brief update about your Mission, and a link to the Mission Page (you’ll gain points for everyone who clicks this link!)
  • Since you’re limited to how much you can write, be sure to focus on visuals. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words!

So what exactly does a quality Tweet look like? Let’s take a look!

Photo credit: Smiley member Vanessa L.

“#ad I’m off to Costco, where I’ll be filling up my free tote w/ my favorite P&G products! In my home, #DetailsMatter! http://bit.ly/2o0h4pA”

Our first thoughts when we see this post: “What a pretty photo! Vanessa L. must be a professional photographer!

Our next thoughts: “We love tote bags… we love Costco… we love P&G! Let’s click this link to find out more!

Our final thoughts: “Wow, details matter in our homes too! We can’t wait to learn more about this Mission!

So what exactly makes this a top-notch Tweet?

  1. Though short and sweet, it gets the point across! When you use “#ad”, you’re letting your followers know that you’re a special consumer who has been chosen to take part in this exclusive campaign.  
  2. It uses the Mission hashtag! This means your Tweet is searchable–so the brand, we at Smiley, and all your followers and fellow consumers can keep track of the great posts you make!
  3. The link to the Mission Page is included, meaning your audience can click to find out more–and you can earn points each time they do!
  4. We’re loving this creative Kit layout! Not only is the Mission card filled out (in beautiful handwriting, might we add!), but the kit contents are neatly presented and the lighting makes for a clear shot. The member has even added in some of her favorite P&G brand logos! Now that’s certainly worth its points!

So, it’s as simple as snapping a photo, including key information, and most importantly–getting creative! All of our Smiley members are great photographers, strong writers, and have valuable opinions–and guess what? The Smiley community, the brand, and your followers are all excited to learn more about your Mission with each Tweet you share!

We love to retweet our favorite Mission tweets, so keep up the great work, and keep an eye out to see if your tweeting skills have gotten you featured on the Smiley360 Twitter page!

Ready to show us what you’ve got? Be sure to connect your social media accounts to your Smiley profile for the chance to score more Missions–we’ve got plenty of exciting offers lined up!

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