Shark Week takes a bite out of Smiley360!

Tracy Morgan once said, “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” But last week, we didn’t have to pretend, as the Discovery channel continued its tradition of hosting nothing but shark-related programming for seven days straight.

If you’re a bandwagon fan like me, sharks suddenly become the coolest and most interesting creatures on earth for this brief, weeklong time window. It’s sort of similar to how soccer becomes way more popular once the World Cup comes around. This year, however, Discovery was lucky enough to get Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg to host the event and its promotional videos, making it that much more of a must-see program.

Despite all the splash that Shark Week makes with audiences every year (it became a trending topic on Twitter last week), some argue that other animals might be more deserving of their own week of televised programming.

For example, CollegeHumor has recently made a push for a “Bear Week” on the grounds that bears are deadlier, smarter, and more hilarious than sharks. Additionally, a discussion initiated on Reddit pointed out that vending machines kill more people annually than sharks, leading many users to jokingly take the stance that Discovery should host “Vending Machine Week” instead. However, mosquitoes clock in as the deadliest animal of all, killing an average of two million people per year – though it’s doubtful that a “Mosquito Week” would bring in much of an audience.

Shark Week has been around since 1987, and is looking like a beloved tradition that won’t come to an end anytime soon. Yet more and more astute audiences are coming up with their own ideas of what else deserves that much facetime and distinction.

What would you like to see? Should Discovery have a Bear Week? Hamster week? Or maybe platypus week?