May has just begun, but since the months seem to be racing by, thoughts of vacation with the family are probably reoccurring. Instantly you may be thinking of the beaches in the Caribbean or the architecture in Europe. But right here in the United States, there’s a ton to do. Actually, there’s so much that we’ve picked some hot spots for the family to consider this time around. If any are close enough, pull out your sunglasses, pack the kids a snack and make it a road trip!

Let’s begin on the east coast with Hershey, Pennsylvania. What’s coined as the “sweetest place on earth” could be a great getaway this Memorial Day weekend or this summer. From the heavenly smell of chocolate being made to the streets like Chocolate and Cocoa avenues that are lined with Hershey’s Kisses street lights, the family is bound to want to stay a whole day or two.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Recently ranked as one of the country’s most affordable cities, Cincinnati may be a wise choice this year. See huge wood constructed insects at Glenwood Gardens or have some indoor water fun at the Coco Key Water Resort. This might be the place to be to, as they say, “rediscover your weekend state of mind”.

Let’s continue a little further south with Williamsburg, Virginia. The historic area of Colonial Williamsburg stretches over 301 acres and includes 88 original 18th century structures. The kids will have their live history lessons just walking through the streets. Meanwhile parents can enjoy in the regular vacation thrills of dining, spa, golf and shopping.

San Antonio, Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas so an ideal family trip may be to start off at the biggest attraction in San Antonio; the San Antonio River walk. There’s art that lines the river bank and an accompanying storyteller. The kids will want to see everything from the wax museum to the kiddie park and the Treasure Island Playground.

Let’s mosey on up north to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ahh, the twin cities. Ranked among the greenest cities in the U.S., a stay in Minneapolis would just feel great. There’s a global market midtown and several landmarks like the Minnehaha Falls. With up-to-date architecture and an upbeat attitude, this city is one for parents and kids to frolic around.

Let’s end our nation tour in the west with San Diego, California. It’s the ultimate field trip for a family to spend some time in this sunny city. You and the kids can surf, bird watch, go to one of the 30 museums out there. Then later on when the kids are asleep, parents can check out a Vegas-like scene at a resort and casino. What more can you ask for?

Start planning. Get out there and enjoy!