3 Ways to Save Big on Back to School and 5 D.I.Y Clothing Tips!

Back to school shopping is traditionally known to be a major hassle- but it doesn’t have to be. Most of us are all-too-familiar with racing to grab the last plastic folders at Staples, the yearly battle for a new backpack, not to mention the annual ritual of begging for new clothes. Though there is virtually no way of avoiding somewhat expensive and intense experience in the packed stores while school supply shopping, you do not have to endure the same pain for back to school attire.

For the upcoming 2013-2014 school year, loose tops, light jeans and jean shorts, lace accents, and cool printed tees are big trending styles. But, going to the store and buying these clothes can get expensive!

There are three main tips that can help you save big on back to school attire every year. First, start off by doing an inventory of your child’s closet and drawers to see what fits and what they need (rather than want). Second, actively try to save: track the sales, utilize online coupon websites, and check cheap and trendy stores like TJMaxx and Marshall’s first because they will have good quality clothes for half the price! Third, staying trendy does not always have to be expensive- you can turn old clothes into new with D.I.Y. fashion tips. Do-it-yourself clothing is one of the easiest way to save big. Here are 5 helpful tips on how to turn those old clothes into new and trendy fashion.

  1. Loose fitting tanks are definitely in style this season! You can make them out of an old tee or athletic shirt by cutting off the sleeves and putting a colorful ribbon bow-tie in the back. Make it your own by picking patterned ribbons or a tee with a design on the front.
  2. Take those jean shorts from last year that hug your hips a little too tight and add in a lace accent. This not only makes the jeans more comfortable to wear when its hot but also helps you to look super cute.
  3. Have you grown a few inches since last season? No problem. Use the lace accents again at the bottom of your former favorite jeans to make up for that extra inch or two!
  4. Boys find their favorite shirts and wear them over and over again. This season just change them up a bit and replace a pocket with a funky pattern or change up the buttons!
  5. Lastly, if your whites aren’t white anymore, dye them! Get creative and cool- just remember to be careful when mixing colors!

Enjoy the last month of summer and don’t stress about back to school! Go ahead; lay out by the pool, go to the beach, take a deep breath. You can relax going into this school year confident that you can be smart and save big!