Welcome to the official smiley360.com blog! We will be updating this to keep you, our members, informed and up to date on news, features and more on what’s going on at Smiley360!

For those of you who are thinking to yourselves “What is Smiley360?” Here’s a quick tour:

Smile.ly is a community for people who love brands. It’s a place for members to talk about the brands & products they love. Members can leave reviews, comments, pictures and links about any brand they like. One of the perks of Smile.ly, is that our members get the chance to sign up for “missions” to receive, and test products for free! In return, our community members write reviews about the products via Smile.ly and share them with their friends using social media tools in order to, as our motto says, “Be heard. Be Happy”.

So what other excitement can you expect from the Smile.ly Blog? Well, for one, we’ll be announcing contests and sweepstakes for all of you to take part in! You can also look forward to weekly features such as “Deal of the Week”, where we’ll post useful coupons & deals that you can take advantage of.

We’re constantly thinking of new and fun things that our members can take part in through Smile.ly, so stay tuned for updates and announcements!