What’s The Deal With Surveys?

Updated by Angelica on 8/10/18

We’re really into surveys here at Smiley360. Is it that obvious?

In case you’ve ever wondered why they’re such a big part of being a Smiley member, we’re here to explain!

Our Survey Says…

Every so often, we’ll send short surveys to help match you with the right Missions. We typically ask questions about your likes, dislikes, habits and opinions to tell if a product is right for you!

Surveys like these could come in many forms:

  1. Instant Qualification Survey: Take a short survey to see if you qualify for a new Mission. Simply answer the questions honestly and if you qualify, you’ll find out right away!
  2. Future Qualification Survey: Take a short survey for a new Mission launching at some point in the future (usually within a few weeks). If you qualify, you’ll be surprised with a new Mission offer when the Mission launches!
  3. Background Survey: If you have qualified for a new Mission, you may need to take a Background survey before you can accept your offer. This survey asks a few simple questions about your previous use of the brand and its competitors. Your answers will not affect your qualification for the Mission.
  4. Community Survey: Take a Community survey about a special topic, which could lead to a new Mission in the future.

Final Survey

Another type of survey you’ll encounter on every Mission is the final survey. At the end of your Mission, the final survey will appear on your Dashboard. It exists to compare your opinion on the product before the Mission versus after! Make sure you take 2 minutes to complete it after every Mission and we’ll award you with 10 points.

Your Data

We only ever use your survey responses for our Missions. It is never used for any other purpose or sold to any third party.

Please rate your opinion on this blog post between 1 and 10… just kidding! But do leave your comments and questions below—we love to hear from you!

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What’s The Deal With Surveys?

56 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With Surveys?

  1. I love surveys I take them for many companies I would however like to get something for my time . I have been noticing that the smiley campaigns that I have been offered are … well… let say the bottom of the barrel . I have 2000 facebook followers, I do video review for my blog and youtube, I have 1876 twitter followers and all the other social networking accept instagram (no smart phone) If you send me campaigns that are more than packet sample Ill do work for you through my blog and youtube Thanks Lori

  2. I am like Lori in that I only get campains with little tiny sample packs for one person or two at the most. I cannot tell if a product works unless I can use it more than once.  I also take alot of surveys for companies and I post on review sites also sites for moms that tell about experiences with companies.  I do not however have a blog yet and my camera just broke.  I would love better campaigns and more to share with others.

  3. I don’t have a camera or YouTube. However, I do a lot of word of mouth…I have had people purchase things I recommend. Like everyone else I feel the one day sample are difficult to determine the quality of product. I took a lot of surveys and didn’t get product. Also, I don’t get 50 total bc I don’t have a lot of social media…I am a little frustred that I never get a completed mission bc of not having a lot of social media.

  4. LoriAlcorn Hi Lori, thanks so much for sharing your feedback. It’s true that some of our missions offer more than others. Some missions may have some sample packs, others will have a full-size product and sometimes we will send products valued at several hundred dollars. We’ll always let you know what you would be receiving before you accept the mission – so you are free to opt out if you feel that a certain mission is not worth your time. I hope this answers your question and do let us know if you have any other concerns. We also offer opportunities just for bloggers. If you share your URL with us by sending an email to blogger(at)smiley360(dot)com, we’d be happy to consider your blog!

  5. wendyk65 Hi Wendy, thank you – we really do appreciate your feedback. As I said to Lori, it’s true that some of our missions offer more than others. Some missions may have some sample packs, others will have a full-size product and sometimes we will send products valued at several hundred dollars. We’ll always let you know what you would be receiving before you accept the mission – so you are free to opt out if you feel that a certain mission is not worth your time. I hope this answers your question and do let us know if you have any other concerns 🙂

  6. OfStarofthesea Hi there, thanks for commenting! It’s true, we like social media 🙂 We understand that many people do not have Twitter, and we will be changing to make it an optional sharing tool, not required. However, we consider Facebook as required, because almost everybody has a Facebook account and it’s a great way to share with friends. Let us know if you have any other concerns!

  7. I give it a 5 but I was confused about what I was supposed to do . I was told to take a survey yet it did not seem like I was taking a survey.

  8. I didn’t think I was receiving surveys but I was getting them in my spam envelope.  Missed out on some missions. 🙁

  9. Love doing surveys and trying new products and spreading the word around about my product like its to go viral

  10. I completed the Truly Radiant Mission and felt I’d done a good job with my reviews etc. I do not have a blog but use the other social media tools and have read all of the suggested materials. My only “concern” is that I have yet to “qualify” for any other missions…Perhaps I am doing something wrong or not doing something I should be doing? I respond to every “invite” and take what surveys are offered…(I think I’m following the program as I’m required to do)…but feel I’m not doing very well at this ! : (

  11. ConnieMcintire same here! I feel like no matter what I do that mission is still there and Ive been smiley for over a year

  12. I’m having problems completing missions and am very confused. The shaing tools don;t seem to be giving me the points to complete the missions, no matter what I do. Have you changed the way this is done?

  13. It said most missions would be there for 10 wks but that the first mission about sharing, would be there indefinitely.

  14. Can u make the site easier to use..I haven’t had anything..I keep getting missions that are no use to me..I am a single woman….men’s hair dye doesn’t apply to me.

  15. I have gotten such good things last couple month im grateful to be a fit for most these campaigns, keep the surveys coming please

  16. I finally get questions to answer ..I do that …every single time it says it’s not for me…I think that mission could have helped my health..I’m confused. It was perfect for me

  17. Do I write a review on the Nescafe coffee mate  I received from smiley 360 because it says to write a review on crest pro health and I have never received that or used it I am confused how this works and I want to get my points ,I just seen this it hard to navigate on my Kindle my computers been down please give me an answer as soon as possible

  18. I’ve really enjoyed the missions so far! Haven’t seen a lot of surveys lately but it’s okay…they’ll be coming, I’m sure of it!

  19. I look forward to being able to provide honest opinions to people . I read many reviews and ratings that are identical even the same between multiple products. The company’s tell you what they want you to believe I think people deserve to know the truth. I am passionate about things that make people’s lives easier or more enjoyable I I can’t wait to get my first mission.

  20. I just signed up and I hope that I qualify to review products soon! I do reviews on products I buy all the time with no compensation because I’m a firm believer in people’s opinions to assist me on my decision making process, especially if I have never tried the product. I was always curious when I read other reviews that they tried the product I was buying for free! I thought to myself with a family of 5 I could use that opportunity myself!!!

  21. How long before a mission comes. Seems like once u r active on Smiley360 nothing else happend. Tells me no missions.  No products to try yet, not sure if I am not doing it right?

  22. I am really enjoying my missions. So far I have completed the Centrum Vitamints and the Sleep Number Mission. I loved both of them.

  23. I got my first mission it’s Centrum MultiGummies -I love these new MultiGummies over reagular Multivitamins – they are so much better to digest

  24. I am very excited to get my first mission and it is about those nasty cold sores, yuck; and I have been blessed with these ugly spots on the lips.  Anyway, I can’t wait to try this new cold sore remedy.

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