Social media provides a foundation and basis for the formation of relationships. Read below to find out reasons why our Smiley members share, and why social media is taking over the world!

Social media is taking over the world!

No, I’m just kidding. But social media does in fact have a very important presence in today’s world. The success of Smiley360 can only be attributed to the active social media presence of our members (that’s you!). Influential and engaging upon various platforms, you are passionate about the products you sample and are eager to share your experiences and reviews. Smiley members are the cream of the crop and the creme de la creme when it comes to being a sharer, but why? Why do we like to share? Why are we motivated to share so frequently?

3 Reasons We Share via Social Media:

1. Sharing about yourself: Sharing online about products and experiences provides a pathway through which people can share about themselves. Everyone wants to be heard, and social media is a simple, sufficient, and satisfactory way to feel both validated and appreciated.

2. Connections: Connections and associations can be fostered and grown via social media, as members can share likes and dislikes that add to feelings of belonging and self-worth. Through sharing, people can cultivate new connections or enrich existing ones.

3. Community: By associating oneself with a particular group or club, people feel connected to a community. Smiley360 provides that community-like feeling in which members know that they are exclusively involved in missions and belong somewhere.

When it comes down to it, sharing revolves around relationships. Relationships with oneself, relationships with individual sharers, and relationships with communities are the key factors that motivate people to share online. Our Smiley members have the opportunity to feel connected, involved, and heard, which provides an appreciation for the value of our active and energetic community.

Why do you share online? What motivates you to share? What kind of sharer are you?


Thank you for sharing!