With Twitter now entering its sixth year, even those living under the proverbial rock have probably heard about the popular social media site. But even with over one hundred million users, there are still some who wonder, “What’s the point?” For many, Facebook is king and there’s no need to add another profile to their social network. But if you haven’t jumped on the 140-character bandwagon, you’re missing out. For those of you reluctant to jump on board, here a just a few reasons why you should join in on the fun.

Find out sooner. By now we’re used to twenty-four hour news networks and hearing about world events way before the paper hits the printer. But now, even the news networks have fallen off the cutting edge of breaking news. Social media is the new tool of “you heard it first” and Twitter moves faster than any other network. From the unfortunate loss of Whitney Houston, to the Hudson River plane crash with a happy ending, big news stories are increasingly appearing on Twitter first.

Make a difference. Kony 2012. Trayvon Martin. The Arab Spring. All were brought to the attention of the world with the help of Twitter. Is there a cause you care about or an issue you believe needs attention? Twitter is the perfect forum to reach out and make your voice heard. These days, with a tweet you can change the world.

Be heard. At Smiley360, we’re all about having your opinion heard, and Twitter is a great way to make that happen. Everyone from celebrities, to brands, to the President hang out on Twitter and that makes it a great place to communicate with those who really matter. Have an idea for a new feature for your favorite product or service? Send them a Tweet and they might just take you up on it. Find your local representatives on Twitter and talk to them about what’s important to you. Tell your favorite author how much you loved their latest book.

Engage in your local community. Twitter isn’t just about online community. It’s also about real-life connections. Local businesses and services love to engage with their consumers on Twitter. Want to know where your favorite food truck is stationed today? Check out their Twitter feed. Find out about local events, sales, and specials at your favorite restaurants or shops. Twitter can help you become more involved in your local community.

Network. Network. Network! Whether you’re a small business owner, head of the PTA, or looking for a new job, Twitter can be a great networking tool. Follow companies you’d love to work for and experts in your field. Get in touch with people that share your favorite hobby. Learn what your customers really want and join up with fellow business owners to discover new ways to build your brand.

It’s fun and easy! If joining the fast-moving Twitterverse seems daunting, don’t be scared. It’s easy to get the hang of things and once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. With so many interesting people to follow and interact with, Twitter is like a worldwide party. And with Twitter parties, Q & As, Tweetups, and other events exclusive to the 140 character social platform, there’s always something going on. And with its character limit, if you can send a text, you can Tweet.

Are you excited about jumping into the fun? Head over to twitter.com to sign up for a profile today and follow us @MySmiley360. Then stay tuned for the next installment of our three-part Twitter blog series: Your Twitter How-to.